The "Triary" - 28 Weeks

Neil, Emilie, and Amelia

January 10, 2000 (Millennium Triplets!)

32nd Week (Third Trimester)  Counting down to the February 1 delivery! (2...1...00.  Yes, it's a count-down.)

The Pregnancy:    32.3 Weeks (32 Weeks, 3 days)


The Babies:

    All three are moving well and have normal amounts of amniotic fluid, giving scores to their Biophysical Profiles.  The movements are becoming more of a squirming-like activity than the demonstrable kicks of previous weeks.

    This visit's ultrasound

Triplet A  31.6*  (31 weeks 6 days in size)
Neil is "the presenting" triplet--the first, the one lowest in the pelvis.  In fact, according to Mom, "VERY deep in the pelvis."  He is in an oblique position, head down.

Triplet B   31.6* 
Breech Emilie.  Things are getting just a little crowded now.

Triplet C   31.5* 
Amelia, laying "transverse" across the top of the uterus, above Neil and Emilie.

   * These readings indicate the three to be growing at approximately the same rate --still no discordancy.  Also, the cervix remains long and closed.

The Mother:

    Ultrasound demonstrates that the cervix is still closed.
    Blood Pressure  (L arm)  150/80    (R arm)  156/76
    Fundal Height is...(gulp) 50!

    The edema (swelling) is more pronounced.  Movement is getting a little arduous, but when not rushed, is accomplished without undue effort.

    Her proteinurea is still present, but no worse.  Her thyroid function studies remain "euthyroid."    There is no overt evidence of  Pregnancy Induced Hypertension--PIH ("toxemia"), and her 24-hour urine collections which have been done to measure the amount of protein/24 hours, have remained stable.

   Mom is still sleeping well on the oxygen at night, but it's rate is up to 2.5 L/minute.  Matria, the service that provides the home monitoring for contractions, has sent the data still indicating only sporadic, harmless contractions--never more than 4/hour.  The SalEst test, a new test being evaluated for predicting those at risk for preterm labor, has remained unsuspicious as well.
    Mom's prediction of making it to 36 weeks seems quite doable based on the track record so far.  But the babies will be delivered by scheduled C-section at 35 1/2 weeks (2-1-2000), which historically seems to be the perfect balance between letting the pregnancy go a considerable distance toward term and avoiding complications that may haunt us by going any further.

  It still is lookin' good.


This has been an extraordinary multiple pregnancy.  Mom is carrying approximately 12 pounds worth of babies, but there hasn't been a single problem yet that warrants intervention.  The babies are healthy, growing well, and maturing beautifully at about the same rate.  Mom is an extaordinary patient as well, who appreciates the importance of a successful outcome and has made it very easy for this doctor.





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