The "Triary" - 34 Weeks

Neil, Emilie, and Amelia

January 24, 2000

34th Week (Third Trimester)

The Pregnancy:    34.3 Weeks (34 Weeks, 3 days)

The Mother:

    It doesn't take a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist to see that we cannot wait until February 1, eight days later.  Over the week-end, Mom developed an upper respiratory infection.  She was placed on antibiotics and decongestants, but with her already compromised pulmonary function, she is at increased risk for complications.  The load "on board" makes movement of her diaphragm very limited, and any increase in compromise will be very serious.
    On the surgery schedule we have a choice of either going tomorrow or going in 8 days.

    It's going to be tomorrow.   According to Dr. Pridjean, the perinatologist, "When the incubator gets sick, it's time to change the incubator."  Hats off to the incubator!

Tomorrow's the day.


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