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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The past two decades have made an obvious impact upon the lifestyle choices of women in North America. The idea of having a "model-worthy body", feeding into eating disorders and neurosis around body fat and weight for many women, has given way to the concept of healthy eating and a lifestyle that promotes good mental, emotional and physical health.

The Fitness Revolution

In this section we'll look at the way our lives have been influenced by the onslaught of diets that encompass everything from no protein to only protein, high carbs to low carbs and everything in between. We've seen exercise morph from aerobics six or seven times a week, to yoga and Pilates as a way of life. Nutritional information has become more available and women are looking to balance their bodies and their emotional highs and lows through the use of vitamins and other natural nutrients.

The newest decade brings with it a sense of women gathering strength and knowledge about their bodies, their health, and the impact of the environment upon all segments of their lives. In our section devoted to diets, you will learn ways to moderate your eating and find an eating style that works with your lifestyle and food preferences.

Exercise For Health and Beauty

Nobody will dispute the need for exercise as a means to keep the body strong as well as a help in controlling weight. As well as helping with weight control, exercise also helps with clear skin, stress, and self-esteem. Check out our exercise section for ideas to make your workouts more effective. No matter whether you choose to work out at home or at the gym, we'll give you some great ideas in order to maximize your workouts for the optimum gains.

Learn Which Vitamins and Nutrients Are Important

It seems that everyone you talk to about vitamins and nutrients has an opinion as to which is best. No doubt, this area of diet supplementation has a number of issues around it. In this section, we'll give you information and ideas that will help you get started on your own research to discover the best way to supplement your diet for optimum health and wellness. We'll talk about the various vitamins and nutritional supplementation available, how they impact your body and which ones are worth checking out.

We're Here to Help

Weight loss and body image are integral to the sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance that is so integral to a healthy lifestyle. We work hard to ensure you receive the best information possible to help you make decisions about weight loss that are effective, healthy, and right for you.

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