What's Your Body Type?

The Ectomorph

Many women yearn to be model tall and slim. Ectomorphs, it seems are just born that way. The body type that is classified as ectomorph tends toward thinness. Ectomorphs also have a delicate structure and tend to be flat-chested.

No matter how much an ectomorph eats, she will struggle to gain muscle mass and weight, even in the case where the ratio of body fat to muscle mass is high to the point of being unhealthy. While gaining weight and muscle mass is an uphill battle, strength-bearing exercises and a careful diet can help.

An ectomorph tends to be small-boned and have little muscle definition. At the same time, the ectomorph tends toward a lean, straight up and down shape.

The Endomorph

If it seems that just by looking at food you gain weight, you may be an endomorph. The endomorph has a soft, round shape. Her limbs will be short and she will have smallish hands and feet. At the same time, the endomorph tends toward large upper arms and thighs in comparison with the lower sections of their arms and legs.

Experts believe that endomorphs have a higher proportion of fat cells than other body types. Therefore, they tend to carry a larger amount of body fat than the other body types. They have large, thick bones with a large waist circumference.

Endomorphs may have a slower metabolism than the average person. This may be the reason they gain weight with such ease, though they need extend little effort to build muscle mass. Endomorphs need to be strict about sticking to a low-fat, low-carb diet and regular exercise regime. An endomorph should exercise five times weekly or more.

The Mesomorph

Mesomorphs gain muscle with alacrity and have no trouble losing excess fat when they attempt a low-fat, high-protein diet. The mesomorph is the body type most people would like to have. That's because of all the three body types the mesomorph is the one who can build the perfect physique. Mesomorphs gain muscle mass fast and are able to maintain the gain. But they do have a tendency to gain fatty mass and may find it difficult to take off the weight.  

Most athletes are mesomorphs and this may be due to their natural talent for building bone and muscle. Mesomorphs also have great posture and thick skin. Female mesomorphs tend to the classic hourglass shape.

The mesomorph has thick, strong bones which serve her well in carrying a largish frame. Mesomorphs are often able to eat as they like without putting on weight, but it helps to stay on a high-protein diet. This body type was designed for bodybuilding.

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