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Diabetic Patient
17 Replies
KimLou - January 31

Is it true that a diabetic patient can experience fertility? Is there a chance that fertility can be recovered by medication?


Ellyn388 - February 1

If you mean is infertility...rather than fertility; then well, yes! A diabetic person may experience an underweight case. The vital organs of the diabetic person slowly be damaged as years go by.


heatherlyn - February 2

Yes, very much!Infertility is one of the major complication of being diabetic.


Ursula - February 3

Yes, infertility can be one of the many complications of being a diabetic. But don't lose hope if you are having problems of diabetic because according to some studies, infertility can also be prevented through proper medication.


joanne - February 8

Yes, I have a friend who is a diabetic but luckily, she got pregnant. So don't worry if you're a diabetic as long as you have proper medication and consultation with the doctor.


Ursula - February 10

Yes, if infertility is what you really does. But not all person who are diabetic are incapable of getting pregnant. So, don't worry, have a physical health check-up with your doctor to find out what are needed so that problems of infertility may be avoided.


Jennifer601 - February 16

as a diabetic person, I experience of not being excited in sex. the doctors have given me vitamins and food supplements but to no avail.


ysah - February 20

Yeah mostly of women having a diabetic issue are suffering also from infertility problem. That's why it is advised as soon as they will be diagnosed having diabetic, they need also to consult a doctor to be given immediate medication to avoid infertility.


Sakura - April 13

Of course you can be fertile. Although diabetes can greatly affect the fertility of a woman.


Stella - April 13

As what I have learned that in cases wherein infertility is related to insulin levels, correcting the imbalance will usually result in a successful pregnancy.


Debbie - April 13

Almost all cases of infertility, may it be related to diabetes complications or not can be treated properly. So no worries KimLou.


Mariah - April 13

If you are a diabetic and wants to get pregnant, you need to have perfect control of your blood sugar.


Hollie - April 13

If infertility is what you are trying to say, then yes. Diabetic person can experience infertility but that does not mean that she can't get pregnant. If treated and corrected, a diabetic woman can conceive a baby.


shane - April 13

In most instances, simple lifestyle changes like weight loss through proper exercise and nutrition, can help reverse the affects of infertility. However, diseases like diabetes can cause extra complications for both women and men when it comes to fertility.


Alyna - April 14

Are you obese too? Obesity and diabetic usually goes with each other. And with these around, fertility is really affected.


Juliah - April 14

Yes dear that can be treated well with medication.


Marianne - April 14

Medication may not even be necessary, with proper diet and regular exercise, infertility with diabetic patient can be resolved.



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