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drugs, vits and supplements
19 Replies
raddah - March 1

i am curious about fertility drugs, some other vitamins and supplements to help you improve your ovulation, is this true? how does it helps? what are those?


zaldy - March 1

fertility drugs as they say can increase the chance of conceiving and to prevent also miscarriages.


heidi - March 1

if you are pregnant, aside from eating the healthy foods you need to eat you also may consider taking up vitamins and supplements to complete the daily nutrition you and your baby need.


ziva - March 1

it is really important for a pregnant woman to take vitamins. your husband needs to take vitamins c because the lack of it will also cause the sperm to clump.


tonette - March 1

Fertility drugs can help in boasting your fertility in order for you to get pregnant. They are recommended by women and men who have difficulty in getting pregnant and also those who have infertility problems.


bobilyn - March 1

folic acid is most important for those who are wanting to have a baby and when you are already pregnant.


shasha - March 1

sometimes, being infertile is associated to those women who are lack in iron.


La'tara - March 1

it is also said that when a woman is trying to get pregnant, advisable to take a prenatal vitamin.


casie - March 1

you may want to consult a fertility specialist to ensure that you are doing the right thing.


ziva_mesh - March 1

even prior of your plan in getting pregnant, you should know that you need to pay attention in the intake of vitamins.


Gracie - March 1

i agree! having the proper daily amount of these vitamins and supplements will help you out to ensure that the body is functioning to the best.


clarice - March 1

women are advised to take folic acid to help out in preventing birth defects and this should also taken up even while you're still planning.


tara - March 1

our lifestyle today has been very upward and unhealthy and we need to know that.


leslie - March 1

not only vitamins and supplements but there are herbs like vitex or chasteberry that enhances a woman's hormone balance and the ovulation frequency.


HELEENA - March 1

go for nutritional supplements than drugs because this has more gentle, gradual and the natural approach.


therese - March 1

ask about these vitamins, herbs, drugs and supplements to your health care provider about taking any sorts of medications or even nutritional supplements.


Zhelez - March 1

when you are trying to conceive and you seems a bit not that lucky enough then fertility drugs will somehow help out with your ovulation.



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