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not getting pregnant
20 Replies
ona - April 13

when should a woman be concern of not getting pregnant?


aida - April 13

if she's married for about 3-5 years and still not pregnant, then she should be concern for that.


felicity - April 13

most women would not be concern even until 5 years especially when they're busy.


kyla - April 13

i guess as early as a year from trying, you need to be concern so that you can't prevent any future complications.


finah - April 13

the couple should be concern not only the woman. both must see to it that they are fertile enough to produce an offspring.


levi - April 13

when a couple eventually failed for a year of well-timed intercourse, they should need to seek an expert care.


ella2009 - April 14

probably a year or so of trying i guess.


thia - April 14

for me it depends about their situation. some doesn't get pregnant right away especially if she's busy.


garrett - April 14

a woman should consider first a lot of things why she can't get pregnant - might be work related, being stress or having a serious medical condition.


dorothy - April 14

if you are a bit of older, say 35+ up, then you should be concern and might need to get some treatment after six months of trying.


Cyril_Wood - April 14

it could be frustrating though, especially when you really wanted to get pregnant but nothing ever happens.


Vinz_Zhibz - April 14

if you are trying exclusively and nothing happens, then maybe you need to consult the doctor on how to have a successful conceiving.


seana - April 14

some aren't aware if she has some disease that prevents her in conceiving like having ovarian disease or endometriosis.


patty - April 14

a woman maybe concern with her situation, but what about considering her husbands sperm count or being unable to produce.


xyza - April 14

i agree to that, do not just concentrate solely about a woman's condition but also her husband.


pinky - April 14

somehow, there are instances you wanted to take note like if you had twice pregnancy losses, then you should be concern.


Lulu - April 14

After 12 months or a year of trying to conceive.



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