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Trista - February 23

I was having a dilemma and didn't know where else to turn.

I've felt for several days that I was going to start my period, and since yesterday have been running to the bathroom fully expecting AF to be here, and she never was. I bought a hpt earlier, took it and it was as pure as the driven snow, but the opk I took after was positive.

Has anyone ever had period type symptoms with ovulation? could the hpt have been a dud, because I know that an opk will pick up pregnancy hormone, and wasn't really expecting ovulation this late.


Jade - February 23

I am currently in a cycle where I did have some cramps in the days leading up to ovulation. I suspect ovulation happened today, because I had my usual ovulation pain that I have the day of ovulation, but I have never had the cramps that I experienced the last couple of days. OPKs can be positive in the presence of a pregnancy, but is not reliable as a form of pregnancy test. Its also not unusual to ovulate this late, it just may be unusual for one person who normally ovulates at a certain time every month, to suddenly ovulate later, but it doesn't mean anything is wrong. Hope this helps!


Prairie - February 23

There's really no way to say for sure since you weren't charting your temps. Eventually you'll either get your period or a positive HPT. Cramping could be a symptom of either one.


Valora - February 23

I would find it unlikely that the pregnancy test wouldn't detect a pregnancy where the OPK would. You are right that an OPK *can* detect a pregnancy but the HPT is much more reliable! If in doubt then take another HPT.


Cimarron - February 23

I often get AF-type symptoms such as moodiness, bloating, tender swollen breasts and cramps in the run up to ovulation; it's possible your symptoms might be ovulation-related.


heatherlyn - February 24

Having to predict your ovulation is very vital to successful conception. having a good foundation of knowledge about the workings of your ovulatory cycles are important, especially if you are planning a family.



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