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So Annoying yeast infection
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herby - December 29

I'm now Twenty-one yrs old and I am at my ends wit. I've used everything but yet I have no idea how to handle it anymore.

In June I had sex without a condom and used Vaseline as lube. A day after, my vaginal opening became very swollen and a thick white discharge was coming out. I went to the gyno and got tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infection. Everything came back negative and the doctor said my symptoms would go away on its own.

My symptoms did not go away, so in October I went to another gyno and got tested for all stds, including HIV. And I got retested for yeast, trich, and BV.
Everything came back negative except for yeast.

The gyno told me to use monistat 3. I used it, and it seemed to help. Then I got my period, but after I got off my period, the symptoms returned after a couple days.

I went back to the same gyno and she tested me for yeast again and it came back positive, she prescribed 150 mg of diflucan. I was supposed to take it every three days for three doses and then once a week for three weeks. Today was my last dose. When I started diflucan, I also did monistat 7 and monistat 7 seemed to help a lot! After I finished monistat 7, I got my period, after I got off of it, my symptoms came back. Diflucan didn't seem to help.

After all the monistat and doctor visits, I looked up natural remedies. I have been eating right and cut out all the sugar for about a month and a half. I've been wearing loose cotton underwear when I need to wear underwear, but when I'm hope I don't wear underwear, just loose pants. I don't use soaps or anything down there. And I haven't been sexually active after I started having these symptoms. I've also been eating nonfat plain yogurt.

I read that fuyan pill has helped lots of women kill their yeast infection so I tried it for three months. Now I have cured thoroughly by this pill, thankful!



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