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Can Ultra Sound Detect Baby With Birth Defects?
11 Replies
Vallery - February 20

Many women undergo tests during pregnancy to check for birth defects, genetic disorders, and other problems. A most common test is ultrasound scan. But, can this really detect baby with birth defects?


monique - February 20

Yes, For me it does. Ultra sound technology has proved to be the effective means to determine baby with birth defects.And there is no known risks from the ultrasound tests, and many pregnant woman have one or two ultrasound routine pregnancies.


emmylou - February 21

ultrasound can detect birth defects but sometimes there are also false detection that may result in patients being warned of birth defects when no such defect exists.


heatherlyn - February 21

Yes, sometimes ultra sound is not so reliable in giving detection on baby's birth defects especially if it's done it once..that's why to make sure others have it twice.


tonette - March 1

Sure it does! Ultra sound are proven to detect baby's birth defects. I don't have doubts about it.


Beeria - March 1

It can not exactly tell the defects of the child only the sexual organ can be detected and actual see it.


MerryLee - March 1

Ultra sound can detect the sexual organ of the baby. but I don't know if it can detect the birth defects.


MaryLuo - March 2

I think it can not detect because the baby has no other actions which can make conclusion that the baby has physical or mental defects.What this gadget give is only its sexual organ of the baby. I'm sorry, this is only my own opinion.


daphne - March 12

Yes, ultra sound is very reliable in determining baby with birth's proven already by many doctors and patients all over the world.


pretty mhama - March 13

I really don't have doubts in mind with regards to ultra's really proven very effective in identifying different baby's birth defects including some kind of problems in the body.


Nenen - March 13

As for me it is not all defects can be detected like mental defect it can not be seen, like some physical defects, the length of the hands and the feet...


valerie - April 14

During pregnancy, most woman have an ultrasonography done to determine how well the foetus is growing and that there are no complications. This technique is also a very good way of finding birth defects. Similarly, methods like CVS and amniocentesis are also good means to find out birth defects such as:

* Neural Tube defects
* Chromosomal abnormalities, such as down syndrome
* Cleft lip or palate and more



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