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15 Replies
Ella - February 22

Hi! I just gave birth to a healthy cuty little girl. I am supposed to be happy but then why am I feeling a bit different ?It seems like a part of me is miserable which I know I shouldn't be. And not just that, I easily get irritated even to a lightest thing. This is not me. I know there is something not right. I am the only one experiencing this thing?


Jennifer - February 22


You are not alone in that situation. A lot of moms experience the same thing. That is called postpartum depression. Some thing you feel after you gave birth to a child.


Georgia - February 22

Easily gets irritated, tearfulness, and mood swings are very common after giving birth to a child. That's the nature of a woman. :)


Krissa - February 22

This is just great. thanks for this little info. I am just excited as like any other soon-to-be moms out there. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck on my delivery.


Jackie - February 22

What you are feeling is just but common to us women but that should not take long though. That depression of yours should be resolve very soon, like within a week or two.


geraldine - February 22

A mother can really struggle for depression after delivering a baby. But a mother could get away with such depression by asking help with her family..emotionally, morally and most of all financially.


fionah jane - February 22

Instead of thinking of so many depressing things right after delivery, or thinking so much responsibility. Think on the lighter side instead, why not be happy of the wonderful opportunity lies ahead and just enjoy God's experience the wonderful opportunity of being a mother and a parent to your baby.


yengerd - February 23

After the delivery of a child the mother may experienced an after shock feeling. It is a natural way. What you are going to do is to do some recreational activities.


devine grace - February 25

Don't let your depression rule over you. Focus on the wonderful gifts you have, to be able to take good care of your baby is such a wonderful opportunity that you should be or needs to be happy about.


joanne - February 28

Most women that are not ready to get pregnant are often experience depression after pregnancy. But I think those who really knows the situation they are in to, especially the responsibility after pregnancy, would no longer have this feeling. Instead of being depressed, they are very happy and excited from time to time watching their baby grow.


Tithae - February 28

I think it is a natural feeling after a long time of hormonal imbalance for about 9 months the baby is living within a woman's body. So there's an adjustment period.


JaneBea - February 28

it is better to have a precaution than nothing at all. the depression that is being experienced would be vanished. We are very thankful, to God because
he gives us strength and mind to think.


becky - April 9

Maybe because you are not used of being a mother. I mean your new in the world of motherhood. You'll get used to it.


Farnez - April 9

Not all women who give birth have experienced of what you felt but there were some who have experienced similar to yours. But let me advice you that you should not let your emotion rules you. take hold your emotion.


Kate Kay - April 10

In times of pregnancy there are some behavior of which the one having this can not identified why is this done. But try to control your behavior and analyze why is this feeling comes out to the open. Rule your emotion.


Sylvie - April 11

This is not a simple matter, but it can be helped by being happy and stand in your feet with a positive thinking.



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