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Do's and Dont's of Pregnancy
14 Replies
Felicity - February 19

I suddenly find myself pregnant and I have no clue what to do and not to do. I don't know anything about pregnancy at all to be honest, if you experienced girls could educate me I would be extremely thankful.

I have a pretty healthy diet, I exercise regularly and I don't drink or smoke. Should be a good start, right?

But what should I eat, and what should I stay away from?
What about medications? I sometimes suffer from horrible migraines, are all painkillers out?

What should I expect from now on? Bodily changes, mood, hormones etc? Everything and anything?

What else should I know?


Azaria - February 19

first off, you are doing great already by eating well and not smoking, and now would be the time to cut out the occasional drink or two as well!

you should stay away from any fish that has a high mercury level, all soft unpasteurized cheeses, and uncooked meats (including deli meats and hot dogs, they are fine if heated or fried though!)

you should definitely start with a good prenatal vitamin daily, taken at night is my suggestion so that if you get side effects from it you will hopefully sleep through them! sometimes they can make you sick, if they do your doctor can help or even give you the okay to stop them for a while and tell you when to try them again.

get lots of sleep (when possible) and drink LOTS of water. you will have to pee a ton too lol.

As far as pain killers, the only thing recommended is Tylenol (regular strength) unless advised by your doctor there are other safe medicines that they can prescribe you for your migraines, but I would definitely not take any over the counter medicines without consulting first!


Shoshana - February 19

I don't know much about supplements, but definitely take a good prenatal. Fish oil is okay, but make sure it is one of the super pure ones (mercury levels). Evening primrose oil is fine for later in pregnancy, but do an online check to make sure it is okay in early pregnancy.

For me, the very early weeks in pregnancy were just like PMS...cramping, moody, sore boobs. Later I was just bone-dead TIRED, all the time.


Bena - February 19

Diet-wise, you're doing all the right things. I'd start taking a pre-natal vitamin now.

Body changes - at first it's just like AF. You are likely to notice in the coming weeks that you will be more tired than usual. You may or may not have sore breasts and you may or may not notice some changes in the size of your breasts and the size and pigment of your nipples. If you're one of the unfortunate 50%, you might develop nausea/aversions to smells/tastes, which comes on gradually but can strike at any time of the day. Some people notice this from the outset, but for others it's not until nearer the 6-week mark. Mine started at 5 weeks. Most of the above symptoms will last for most of or all of the coming 8-12 weeks or sometimes a bit longer, after which time you will notice you get your energy back again and start to feel a bit more back to your old self.

Mood-wise, The sheer excess of hormones pumping round my system made me feel a bit anxious and I had the tendency to also feel a little detached and down. This was exacerbated by the tiredness and also because I found the idea that I was having a baby so overwhelming. No matter how prepared you are for a baby, you will probably still feel overwhelmed. It's totally normal but it doesn't last.


Faine - February 19

First and foremost, call your doc and get a prenatal appointment. That's probably the first best thing you can do, so you have a health professional monitoring your pregnancy. My OB gave me paperwork detailing medications that were safe to take during pregnancy. Maybe they can give you something like that. I know offhand medications like Claritan, Milk of Magnesia, and Tylenol are safe to take. Clarify with your doctor.

Lots of rest, lots of water are great starts. I know that exercise is still highly recommended during pregnancy. Again check with your doc on what kind of exercise you can do. My doctor said cardio exercise is okay, but just to make sure your heart rate doesn't go greater than 140. One of my coworkers' daughters is pregnant, and runs 5 miles every day (shes in the marines), so its also how comfortable you feel with exercising while you are pregnant.


melody - February 20

The best gift a mother could give to her baby is by giving her baby a good start in life. Every pregnant mother must eat nutritious foods rich in folate, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. during the course of pregnancy, you and your baby require energy and nutrients. Good nutrition is really vital for a healthy pregnancy!


monique - February 20

As pregnant mothers, it also good to do some healthy exercises during pregnancy.


heatherlyn - February 20

As pregnant mothers,you need to have a good exercise and rest, avoid over eating in order for you to have a healthy pregnancy.


sashy_009 - February 22

Avoid smoking during's effect on the fetus is really devastating!


Chu2 - March 2

all you've done is very acceptable and advisable too. But the most important is to put God in your lives, from time to time, praise Him heartily.


fionah jane - March 12

Pregnant women must be vigilant in what they are eating and drinking. They should always remember that they are already in a very critical condition that whatever bad things they put in their mouth might damage the baby. So, they need to be very careful especially in taking supplement drugs, alcohol and many other bad elements for the body.


tanya'80 - April 10

Your doing good Felicity, you have healthy diet and you don't smoke or even drink alcoholic beverages. I guess you should avoid very fatty foods.


Retha - April 10

Wow!! your such as good as having an experience in pregnancy. All that you've shared to us is much advisable in your situation at present time of your life. May I add: live in a healthy life style and keep away from anything that makes you worry.


monique - April 10

As pregnant woman you need to know all the good and bad things which you need to do and avoid during pregnancy. If you care for your baby so much you would not want something bad happens to him or her right, so do what's good always! Remember, it's your baby that is always at stake!


Orlyn - April 10

It is a nice of you to try your best to be a good pregnant woman. I really appreciate your attitude which is so much indulge of being a pregnant woman.



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