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Is maternity underwear worth it?
10 Replies
Ophelia - February 10

I'm in my 7th month of my 1st pregnancy, still wearing the same old underwear I've always worn. So far it still fits reasonably well.

How about the rest of you? Did you try maternity underwear?


Ruby - February 10

I'm planning on wearing normal undies--only making sure they're soft cotton. Victoria's Secret has a 100% cotton line, and most of it is really cute (granted, not sexy but "cute" is enough for me, as I'd rather not sacrifice comfort). I guess I don't really see the point. "maternity" to me is code for "ugly, and probably only in nude". If I can get cute stuff that's just as comfortable, then why bother?


Trista - February 10

My maternity underwear was just as cute as my normal underwear..if you have a burlington coat factory close by you can sometimes find the maternity underwear pretty cheap there.I bought several packages of maternity underwear at motherhood.


Jade - February 10

I bought some maternity underwear to sleep in, but other than that I try to wear boy shorts or something with more coverage since things seem to not fit like they used to.


Cimarron - February 10

I love the Hanes briefs with the cotton lace trim, with the "no wedgie guarantee". They fit under my belly and don't ride up or have panty lines.


mocca baby - February 11

Nope! I have not been wearing a maternity underwear ever since!


mary - April 10

when i was 7 months pregnant then, i already wear maternity underwear. I felt comfortable with the maternity underwear compared to the normal underwear. No irritation.


heatherlyn - April 10

Just like you, I'm also been wearing my same usual underwear..I don't use maternity underwear because my underwear still fits for me, even in my 9th months of pregnancy.


Kathleen - April 10

Yes, I've worn it. It is a good underwear for me. I don't like to wear bikini as my favorite underwear in an ordinary time (without pregnancy). I do advice to those pregnant women to use maternity underwear.


KC - April 10

yes, i wear maternity undies because i am comfortable with it. i don't like the skimpy bikinis or the ordinary undies. this time i feel very awkward wearing it.


Ludy - April 11

Of course, I've use maternity underwear to feel safe and easy to do the daily activities.



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