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most common complications during pregnancy
12 Replies
Purple - March 12

May I know what are the most common complications during pregnancy? Thanks!


joanne - March 13

I remember during the time I am pregnant with my first baby, I had so many worries in mind. Worries about what if I will experience some kind of complications. And I did experience high blood pressure which really bothers me a lot. I'm glad my doctor is very good..she gives me an assurance that everything would work out fine and nothing to worry about. As long as I would have a regular check-up..and it's indeed true! I have a very nice pregnancy of my life!


fionah jane - March 18

Complications during pregnancy will occur, if the woman is not careful enough of herself and her condition. So, just to avoid any pregnancy complications, I suggest that a pregnant woman must have a regular prenatal check-up.


rocia - March 18

i had this every time i got pregnant.. my feet swells like hell and i always got back problem during my last trimester.


devine grace - March 19

I usually get a leg cramps during my pregnancy..and I think leg cramps is also one of the most common pregnancy complications..but correct me in case I'm also wrong.


denise - March 20

High blood pressure is the most common complications during pregnancy that I have known.


jerah - March 20

when i was pregnant i always get migraines and nausea i don't know why. i am more not eating but always sleeping at times.


Llorae - March 20

the most complications which bothered me during my pregnancy was the using of make-ups which causes me some rushes. And I had experienced a beri-beri symptoms.


remmy - March 21

Many women faced a lot of pregnancy health problems.Usually, if a pregnant women experience any kinds of pregnancy complications, a visit to health experts are greatly required. Anemia is one pregnancy complications that faced by lots of women. Mild cases of anemia doesn't harm the baby but of course it is not an excuse that you will no longer consult the experts because what if it's a serious kind of anemia? You can't let anything bad happens to your baby,right?


Bregitte - March 21

For me, I experienced craving to eat a fruit which is not in season. My desire to eat the fruit is so intense.


dianne - March 24

Sorry, but i don't think craving is part of the pregnancy complications.


samantha faye - March 24

I think what she means is having to have gain a lot of weight during pregnancy because of too much eating/craving a lot of foods is one of the common complication a pregnant woman can experience that some would result to a most complicated kind of diseases.


Katecathy - March 25

The complications that I know which is common to all is the itching skin of the stomach. It is due to the stretching of the skin on the stomach.



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