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Sleeping Troubles
7 Replies
Ralphina - February 11

I'm a little frazzled because I haven't had a good nights sleep the past 4 nights. I know I am pregnant, but not very far along (less than 2 months). However I am starting to have trouble sleeping. I have been a stomach sleeper for my entire 23ish years of life and lately I have not been able to lay on my stomach for longer than 5-10 mins before it begins to feel uncomfortable and I have to shift to my side.

The main issue with sleeping on my side is that I am constantly tossing and turning from one side to the other, and when I wake up in the morning my shoulders and back are killing me.

I've tried laying half on my side and half on my stomach, but it bothers me just as much as laying fully on my stomach.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to get through this?


Jordaine - February 11

Lay on your side and place a pillow against your stomach, then shift onto the pillow. So the pillow is supporting your stomach. So it's half on your stomach/half on your side but your stomach has support.


Cailin - February 11

Try a pillow between your knees as well. That's what I did before, it worked.


Bryony - February 11

Get yourself one of those huge Hotdog Pillows. I slept like a baby when I had those. Lay on your side, and place one end of the pillow to your head and the other end between your knees. Just hug the big pillow and you will be able to sleep comfortably.


Lisette - February 11

First, find the side you are most comfortable with. In my case, I feel really comfortable laying on my left side. I placed a big pillow on my back to make me feel cozy. Then I just placed a pillow on my stomach and between my knees. Hugging a big pillow always does the trick for me.


joanne - February 12

Yes, i think it's good to have a pillow between your knees. I have tried it too and I have found out that it's really very effective.


lovely mae - February 15

Probably, you're just very stressed out that's why it's hard for you to fall asleep. Try not to preoccupied yourself of lots of things..just relax and you'll see you can sleep well.


precy - February 16

yes, i agree that a person who are stressed can have a sleep problem. try not to think any matters which can make you feel uncomfortable.



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