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smoking, being pregnant and soon breastfeeding.
18 Replies
maTilda - April 13

hi, i will be giving birth on the 1st week of september and i am a chain smoker. i am scared about my child's health and most concern by the time that i will be breastfeeding. my eldest is normal and fine and i was smoking before when i was pregnant. now that i am pregnant again with 2nd child, i am more of concern with my baby's health.


leony - April 13

are you still smoking while you are pregnant? then you are simply out of your mind.


aida - April 13

that's a bad thing to do either when you are pregnant, breastfeeding or not, it's not good to your health at all.


melanie - April 13

you are definitely compromising your baby's health. you should be more concern.


ona - April 14

given that you are a chain smoker, you can't stop yourself from smoking, but do you think you won't suffer from that?


leony - April 14

i suggest you stop right now... it's too soon to say but definitely you will regret it later on.


mickey - April 14

If you stop smoking now, you can decrease your chances of developing such complications as placenta previa, pre-term labor and even stillbirth. If you tried to stop smoking in your first trimester but didn't succeed, at least -- for the sake of your baby -- reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Every cigarette you don't smoke is going to help your baby.


Rio - April 14

If you are truly a concerned mother, you have to stop that vice without any hesitation or else you are to be blamed if there's something not good that will happen to your child.


patty - April 14

that's not a good idea and i guess you are putting yourself most especially your baby in danger.


veronica - April 14

don't you know that when you smoke while your pregnant, possibility rate of having the risk of defective birth effects is high.


wayne - April 14

i hope you would stop now or you will be regretting the effects of it.


Justin99 - April 14

you are totally insane, you could have kill your baby or give birth with defects.


honey_bee - April 14

breastfeeding while smoking is totally a junk. you should understand the implications it might have caused during lactation.


REYNA - April 14

when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must and should abstain from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other over-the-counter medications.


olivia - April 14

if you are smoking while your pregnant or is exposed to the people who are smoking you could be at risk from other birth or delivery problems.


Rizalyn - April 14

not only that, fetal brain damage can be very dangerous a baby can have.


kelly - April 14

some also are experiencing ectopic pregnancies.



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