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the aftermath
18 Replies
Shiva - March 1

well, i am so happy because after getting married last december, now i am pregnant with our first baby. before i got married i am such an overweight or should i say obese, i lost too much weight from dieting and exercising so as to prepare for my wedding day. now, my concern is that i never thought i have been pregnant for 4 months and yet those times i am not still aware, i still keep on dieting, exercising too much and even starving myself coz i really don't want to get back to my weight before. i am really sad with the part that i can't diet anymore and i easily get big and soon will get bigger because i am pregnant... pls help :(


tina - March 1

when you're pregnant, probably the gaining weight is what you should expect because this is inevitable.


phoebe - March 1

you can still go on diet but not the same way you are doing when you're not yet pregnant. do not of course, eat junkies and those that are very high in cholesterol and carbs. just make sure you balance everything else.


cindy - March 1

they say that the excess calories can eventually also excess fat and you don't want that of course because you are having the trauma of getting back those heavy excess fats.


jasmine - March 1

the truth is, even if you are pregnant, you are still required to get on close dieting and do some exercise. you need to control your weight like getting an hour walk each day. exercising can burn your unneeded calories. this can also help out to stimulate the body in producing endorphin hormones.


tonette - March 1

Diet is not good during pregnancy. Think of your baby's welfare first before yourself. You need to eat more often for your baby in the womb. Don't worry about your figure yet. You can have the dieting later after you give birth.


mercy - March 1

just like singles do dieting, pregnant women also needs extra fiber to somehow speed up the passage of the food waste through slowed-down intestines. fiber rich foods are also important for the your body and the baby as well and these are vegetables and fruits like beans, plums, pears and whole grains.


jana - March 1

if you are really concern about your weight when you are at the same time pregnant, one way to look close with how your gaining weight is to know how much is enough to say you are still healthy with your weight. as per advice with my doctor before, the recommended in current for healthy weight is about 25-35 lbs. fitting in this range will also depend on 2 factors, the body type and as to whether you start the pregnancy over, under or close to the ideal weight for a woman.


frenzy - March 1

that's right. you can also make a chart so you won't missed out any points you need to take down and you can monitor it well.


CRISSA - March 1

as to first trimester, 4 pounds of gaining weight is enough. in you case when you are overweight you need to subtract 1 or if you are underweight you need to add 1 and if you are on perfect shape, you need to maintain it.


babylove - March 1

sometimes pregnant women are advised to lose weight especially when they gain so much and they are ready for childbirth in just couple of months to ensure that the mother would not have any danger or problem in delivering the baby.


ladymom - March 1

remember that you are sharing all the nutrients with your baby when you are pregnant and it's best you are nurturing the baby inside your womb with the proper nutrients. you don't need to eat binging just know how choose the right amount of food that is healthy but will not let you gain too much weight.


barbara - March 1

according to a study, whatever you put in weight when you are pregnant, right after childbirth, it'll take about 9 months to take it of course depends on how patient you are in losing weight.


Tanya - March 1

gaining weight during pregnancy is ok. dieting when you are still pregnant has pros and cons. you can still diet in the sense that you need to change your eating habits for the better and leaning to healthy eating. but of course you should not diet specifically to lose weight. take note that you may have an undernourished baby can come with higher risk of complications at birth.


adia brown - March 1

you can always lose weight after a couple of months prior to giving birth and don't worry about gaining weight for now while your pregnant. worry about your baby's condition inside your womb if he or she is getting the right nutrition needed that's what should be your concern for now.


Roseller - March 1

If you are in diet, it is very good decision but not to the extent when you starve yourself . It is ok if you adopt the healthy lifestyle.


she_bangs - March 1

every woman who gets pregnant and gaining excess weight is normal and you don't need to be so much worried on that. consult your doctor at times you really need to shed some pounds when needed.



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