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16 Replies
chucky - April 11

i am so scared now, i have been showing blood with my second pregnancy and i don't know what is this since i never had the same with my first baby. anyone?
- did you ever consider to ask your doctor about it? that sounds scary.


jennie - April 11

are you on your first trimester? it is said to be roughly estimated that of about 25% of all women have experienced bleeding in their early pregnancy.


jamie - April 11

it is actually called implanatation bleeding which is a bit lighter than menstrual bleeding.


cristy - April 11

you may need not to worry a lot since bleeding will not actually or mean you will have miscarriage.


TISHA - April 11

if you notice that you are bleeding or spotting, just call your doctor right away, the safest thing!


BELLA - April 11

that`s right i have to agree on that even if you only experience a minor bleeding or spotting.


talyn - April 12

somehow, having that kind of condition, the doctor needs to evaluate you for a physical exam, ultrasound and some blood tests.


GLADYS - April 12

i think your issue is spotting not the bleeding i guess...


triny babe - April 12

When i was pregnant and have some discharges, i always ask the doctor if this is normal. What more in your case? It's blood, even if it's spotting or bleeding, report it immediately to your doctor as soon as possible so that you will know what it is..when it comes to blood, it really scares me same with you.


Amber - April 12

Sometimes spotting is harmless, but most of the time, it's also harmful because it may be a sign of something else that is more serious and maybe a symptom of a disease. It's better to check this as soon as you notice some blood or any discharges.


yolly101 - April 12

Don't disregard spotting and don't be too confident that this is just normal because you will never know you are already losing the baby inside your womb. Always be alert and attentive every little thing that will happen in your body.


cheng - April 12

i experienced the same phase before but the doctor told me not to fret that much because it's a common thing.


bernalice - April 12

it is a common pregnancy symptom but then again as a mother-to-be, one should be concern of the condition you are in.


martha - April 12

you need to visit you doctor to know what really causes you to have spotting. there are instance when the root cause of it is due to infections.


martha - April 13

that's right... more importantly, to treat the cause should always be the priority to avoid any later complications.


jenna - April 13

i have heard that there are also some who experience placenta problems.


karen - April 13

you should never ignore the possibilities of complications that will happen. i suggest to visit the doctor right away.



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