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Breast Self-Examination
14 Replies
Gleenthe - February 10

How many times do we make self examination? In what specific time it must be done?What benefits does this procedure may give?


heatherlyn - February 11

In my case, I always have my breast self-examination right after I had my menstrual period, I usually do it early in the morning when I take a bath.


devine grace - February 11

As often as you can help you know if you have signs of breast cancer.


jiNks - February 12

You could examine yourself every day.But breast self-exam is not proven to save lives, it is no longer routinely recommended by health authorities for general use.


jobelyn - February 18

You can have the self breast examination as often as you want. You yourself can be benefited by this because by doing this, you can be able to detect if you have cysts on your breast.


Belenez - February 22

Yes I agree with the daily examination, it is routinely work so that awareness of this malady may give a great help mostly to women.


berzt - February 24

you've ask of how many times do you make self examination, then I may say that aas often as you want or I may say every morning when you are taking a bath. then the benefits are: you may know as early as possible if ever there are sprouting illness.Then,it may given correct medication.


tonette - February 26

As many time as you can to make sure you are safe with this kind of serious illness that killed a lot of women. I think it's good to have the self breast examination early in the morning upon taking a bath.


helen008 - February 26

breast self-examination is a kind of prevention of a kind of illness. If the woman doesn't care of what has happened to her body, she might be felt sorry at the end.


gyle - February 28

On my part, I do breast examination everyday after taking bath. This helps me make sure that I am physically fit or that I don't have something undesirable inside my breasts. I think this is really something that everyone or every woman should do everyday. It won't really take much of your time though, for me, it will only take me 5-10 mins. :)


JInkyTee - February 28

An American Cancer Society (ACS) suggests that
women perform breast self-examinations monthly
, starting in their 20s.


KarenPho - February 28

As the studies go , LUmps that are especially worrisome feel like wood-not round, smooth, and squishy like grape.
If you're 40 or older, have a yearly mammogram,


Helerine - March 1

If you have relative who experience a breast cancer, then you must be smart enough to do some move like having precancerous breast lesions, talk to your doctor about starting earlier.


Britte - March 1

If you suspect you're at high risk for breast cancer, see your doctor and talk it about.


Cynthia - March 20

There's no specific time. As far as I am concerned I prefer to have an examination every time I take a bath. This is the time when I do my self examination of my breast.



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