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23 Replies
crystal clear - March 12

This is some kind of a humorous experience for me, but I think it's quite good to share this too with others. When I had sex with my boyfriend I usually, fart. At first, my boyfriend was annoyed and on my part, it's too embarrassing. But I really could not helped it..I do always fart every time we had sex. Can anybody experience the same thing? what does my farting means? Is this normal or what?


monique - March 12

Actually, I have experienced it too.But it was for me, never an accident. I know and I could feel it coming and I just let it out slowly. I think it's because you are introducing a penis into your vagina and it pushes on other things while inside you mainly for rectum which causes you to expel gas.


Semeonche - March 13

It is a humorous experience, but in my own thoughts, it might happened if the weather were cold. Everybody can fart. No need to be ashamed of.


geraldine - March 16

It's really quite shameful but i think if your partner loves you, he can understand that everybody fart in every situation whether walking, talking, and even engaging in sex. It's actually a normal thing.


monique - March 16

Yes, but there is always a reason to that..I have it in my first in addition, farting is more to do with the bacteria in the lower bowel, which are particularly partial to carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in some foods cannot be broken down and absorbed in the intestines, they pass straight through to the bowel, where they are fermented by the bacteria to produce a gas that comes out as farting.


talyn - March 18

they say it`s pretty much normal for women who farts during sex when i think it`s really embarrassing though. it says that you may be bearing down during orgasm that somehow increases the abdominal pressure. when this happens, you may experience farting or what they call the Valsalva maneuver.


naomie - March 19

They say that farting is a sign that a person is healthy. So, chill! If your boyfriend heard and noticed that you fart during sex, then just tell him that he needs to be glad and happy that you are healthy! Hahaha!


Chelsea - March 20

Does it happen all the time? If it is then you may seek an advise from the ob-gyne, so it may be given a remedy.


Floerz - March 22

It is natural to fart. In the case, that it happened during sexual play, is also natural. It is a work of nature. It is not good to hold it for a long time. It is gas that need to be excreted.


Neckacez - March 26

It may be your stomach is so gaseous. Wipe your stomach and in your back parts of the body with ointment.


monique - March 29

Well, it's really a very funny experience that I can't forget. Just thinking about that moment when I farted during sex, can't help me laughing.


Mohaje - March 30

Your condition during sexual play is not unusual it is just a normal event. I've also experienced like yours. There were times that I can not control to fart at the times of having sex. But it is so dangerous to control it.


cheska - March 31

Really? What makes it dangerous? Sometimes, I feel like farting too during sex but I controlled it and I always did. I really don't want to get embarrassed that's why as hard as I could, I control my fart.


Mercy - April 4

It is just a natural, Fart, is good for our body. If the individual can't fart, what would be the effect? So don't get embarrassed if you fart during sex... "good there is a sound". It is a trade mark...joke!!!


Jane - April 5

That might have spoil the momentum but that is very hilarious experience.


Eden - April 5

Farting is fine as long as it does not stink like shit. :)


Nennen - April 5

does your fart give foul odor? there may be deficiency in your reproductive organ. how about seeking an advice from the physician.



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