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16 Replies
ginger - April 13

do tampons can be harmful to women?


ona - April 13

i'm using tampons over pads because i feel more comfortable with it.


leony - April 13

yes so do i, pads are uncomfy and i don't usually feel like moving around freely rather than wearing tampons.


janice - April 13

i usually used tampons before but then i got irritated and i don't why and i feel like my labias swelled.


justine - April 14

Tampons are a very good option when it comes to hygienic point of view. Unlike pads, where the menstrual blood gets in contact with the skin around the pubic area, tampons don’t lead to this situation. No blood comes in contact with the skin as long as the tampon is not fully soaked with the blood.


felicity - April 14

they said that it's dangerous when you insert it wrongly.


gella - April 14

it's kinda scary though but you need to be sure that you understand well the instructions on how to insert especially when it is your first time to try it.


jackie - April 14

there are claims that tampons can cause excessive bleeding.


MJ_Graffin - April 14

a study also although haven't proven says that the rayon fibers of tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome, ulcerations and vaginal dryness.


Vic.Rayle - April 14

it actually depends on you on how comfortable you are with wearing either tampons or pads.


emily - April 14

as for me pads are more of my bestfriend since i can just easily change it right away. i find it hard to change when i wear tampons.


erin - April 14

tampons is not that friendly for me. i am not good at timing and sometimes i get leaks since i don't know if the tampon is all soaked up.


viviene - April 14

tampons, pads both are ok with me but i'd prefer tampons more especially when i wear jeans or tights.


kyla - April 14

i agree, pads are more of household and tampons more for outdoors especially in long trips to avoid uneasiness.


amanda - April 14

when you really don't know how to wear it and you are unsure to do so for the first time, ask someone who uses tampons quite often on how to or just stick to pads.


mila - April 14

i suggest wearing tampons at important times only. say for example if you had an activity to go and wearing pads is a bit messy.


jinky - April 14

I don't like using tampons, for me it's really not safe to use, I am more comfortable with sanitary pads.But it's just my opinion, I don't know with the others.



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