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Eating Disorder Can Caused Infertility
16 Replies
Perlyn Mae - March 12

Can having an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa caused infertility?


margarette - March 13

Yes, usually a woman with eating disorder problem like anorexia nervosa can have infertility disorder because of some kind of damage in the body. It may compromise the female reproductive system in ways that decrease the livelihood of fertility and conception.


sheila mae - March 13

I definitely agree to that. Anorexia nervosa is some kind of eating disorder that some women who has this problem is really not aware of the effects it can cause to their infertility until they experience a problem in trying to conceive.


Lorene - March 13

The worries of to become fat may cause nervous and this is the beginning of uncertain decision of the one who doesn't like to become fat,much more of thinking to become pregnant! The disorderliness may become worst that may cause death.


samantha faye - March 17

Eating disorder can greatly affect your infertility that's why you need not to over eat or eat must eat in the right way and in most especially in healthy way.


marah - March 17

yes it is... it could be a consequence and relatively it will matter to your health and well-being. if you are underweight or overweight resulting from your eating disorder, then you may experience some infertility issues.


geraldine - March 18

Yes, that's why it's very important that as woman we should not only be beauty conscious but health conscious as well!


Sarah - March 20

I agree!, that's why it's good that as much as possible we should choose the best and nutritious food to eat. Always following a healthy and well-balanced diet to avoid any infertility issues.


Fardie - March 20

Yap! this can cause infertility. Your body must be well- taken care of so that the reproductive organ may become healthy through eating the right kind of food.


rhea mae - March 21

We are what we eat and if we don't eat well, it would affect to our body. Eating too much or too less really causes infertility because our reproductive organs will not function well and we might suffer in different forms of diseases that can make the problem of infertility worst enough.


AnaLee - March 22

For me, it can affect, since we need to eat in order to become physically healthy.


Rhea - March 25

Eating disorder can caused infertility? Yes, it is. It is because of malfunction of the body parts and some diseases that may affect to the body.


joanne - March 26

Always maintained a well balance diet, eat nutritious foods and have a regular monitor with your weight so that you can avoid the issues of infertility due to some kind of eating disorder.


Samantha - March 29

This really cause infertility if this disorder can have the situation beyond normal. The body parts can not function to its normal works that must been doing.


Lilea - April 5

I think it may cause infertility but I am not sure. because you have not yet check up by a doctor, who is specializing this case. Have hope.


Danielle - April 9

In our simple analysis, no man can get good healthy body if the nutrients is lacking within him/her, so this the reason that it can cause infertility to some persons.


jaymee - April 14

Eating disorders can have people overweight, underweight and sometimes a normal weight. Body size has been related to several gynecological disorders. Higher risks of infertility have been found in both overweight and underweight women. To what extent being excessively under or overweight increases a woman?s risk for infertility is unknown. Women who are excessively underweight or overweight may be at increased risk of amenorrhea. Women need to have a certain amount of body fat in order to menstruate and conceive children.



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