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I feel like giving up
17 Replies
Rohana - February 27

Hey guys,

I need some words of encouragement today. After the anxious 2 week wait, I go for my pg test tomorrow morning. I already know it's going to be negative (I have all of my usual period symptoms) and I took a home test this morning (it was negative.) I honestly don't want to waste my time taking off work to go in to the RE office just for the nurse to call me back and confirm what I already know.

I'm surprised that I feel so emotional and so disappointed. I'm usually pretty even-tempered but now seeing pregnant women feels like torture. Today I found out a mental health client of mine is pregnant (she's one of the last women on earth who should be pregnant) and I nearly lost it. I feel so cheated.

I honestly feel like giving up. Since the hubby and I are going on vacation next month I was thinking about taking a break. (That is unless my RE advises against it.)



Tawny - February 27

My cousin got pregnant with out any treatment and she took a test and it came out negative she got all her period symptoms and it didn't come out positive until she was 5 weeks pregnant. Don't give up, I was feeling like that once and I'm here trying.


Azura - February 28

Hey, if you need a break, then you should take one! No one has any idea how emotionally draining all this is. For our own health, sometimes a month or two off is what is necessary.

Let me say that I know how you feel about other women being pregnant. It hurts to see others get what you want so much! I've been through the pregnancies of several close friends and my sister during my IVF struggles. It has only gotten harder.

Please try to treat yourself well. You deserve it. I'll be sending positive vibes your way. :D


Zuri - February 28

This journey is long and difficult and sometimes a mental health break is just what the doctor ordered. I am a social worker and I have the pleasure of seeing drug addicts and prostitutes pregnant on a daily basis and there are times I feel cheated as well but then I remember God has a plan for us all including you and your hubby, so hold on to that promise and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling but keep your eyes fixed on your marriage and your dreams. Remember God will grant the desire of the heart every time.


Basia - February 28

Please don't give up. I had times when I felt like that too, and now I'm a mommy of three. I had 4 IUIs not work, then lost a pregnancy and did IVF twice. It was a long, hard journey, but I wouldn't change a thing. One day you will be like me, encouraging others not to give up.


Danika - February 28

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. Infertility can be a long and strenuous journey, but you just can't give up. Taking a break is definitely not a bad thing. When you've been trying to have a baby for so long, it takes over your life. Give yourself a month to have fun on your vacation, have fun with your hubby, and give yourself a chance to find yourself again. You deserve it!


geegee - February 28

you shouldn`t be... think positive and keep yourself in high spirits because it's true that psychological effects can help a lot. work on it and find ways that can help you out in trying to conceive like having the proper diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.


heatherlyn - March 1

It's really wrong for you if you give up. If it's negative once then, it could be positive the next time..just always put your fingers cross and always be positive in your thinking..this way, you will be able to get your desire in life to have a baby.


geraldine - March 1

Pray to God and ask his help. If you put your faith and trust in God everything will work out just fine..just trust his will instead of giving up.


Sharmine - March 18

Surely, it's not to give up just easily. Why not try and try until you succeed in what you want. If it's really not for you, at have fight for it and do your best to do whatever it takes.


januarylyn - March 19

Yes, it's really wrong to just give up immediately. I think if you really want something, it takes a lot of patience and will power before you achieve it.


FlowerGirl - March 23

No, don't quit. A quitter never wins but a winner never quits. Have a positive outlook in life. Wait for your time.


ysah - March 24

Giving up on something really not a good idea. If you want something, you should not stop until you will able to achieve what you want to have.


Claire - March 24

Never ever give up. You will get pregnant at the right time. So hang on.


MarryZen - March 29

Relax! Take it easy. It is not good that you always anxious to become pregnant. Take your time to pray and let God do His best for you.


Brenda L. - April 10

Don't lose hope Rohana. You should probably need a break. Just be patient and think positive.


Irene - April 10

A sisterly, advice from me... "Don't give up", if you give up what would be the next? Live up your mind positively!Don't forget to pray.



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