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Multiple Chemical pregnancies
7 Replies
Queensley - February 23

My DH and I have been trying to conceive for more than 2 years now - we just finished another round of IVF/ICSI and found out I had my second chemical pregnancy. We've been with 2 clinics, one chemical pregnancy with each. The first clinic said it was a great sign that I got pregnant and the one we're at now said it's a good sign but once you start to have multiple ones we need to look a little deeper.

Has anyone dealt with this and had a successful pregnancy? They just did a bunch of genetic testing and blood testing today - so we'll see how they come back. Otherwise we have 4 on ice I think we'll go ahead and try to do a FET in another month or so.


Chandra - February 23

So sorry for your loss.... I am happy you have medical professionals who are on the ball and are acknowledging your early losses, some aren't so lucky.

You are absolutely doing what you need to do. Get the testing done, but don't be afraid to push the dr on potential treatment even if your tests come back normal. My tests came back normal and I am on a regimen of baby aspirin, prednisone and lovenox (the lovenox was new this cycle) and so far I have a bfp this cycle. (with just prednisone and baby aspirin I made it to 5 days, 3 days more than typical chemical).

Also, make sure your thyroid is measuring between 1 and 2. If it isn't, find yourself a good endocrynologist. REs do not often feel so strongly about where your thyroid numbers need to be.


Freya - February 23

I too have had chemical pregnancies. I have done pretty extensive testing after with no clear results. They said I was MFTHR positive but only one gene and was told this likely wasn't the problem but I could take folic if I wanted to as folic acid is the treatment and wont hurt. I'm debating going onto IVF but am not sure this would solve the chemical pregnancy problem. My RE seems to think it is a matter of time and luck to get to the good embryo and IVF would expedite the process. I hope you get some answers with your testing. My experience was it was a lot of cost and hoping to find an answer just to get back to where I started from. Good luck.


Lavinia - February 23

I have not had success yet, but I can say have them do the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss work-up. You have a clotting or autoimmune problem that prevents the baby from attaching/ growing correctly. I didn't come up for anything so unfortunately, I still don't have an answer for my losses. But, I was glad to have the RPL blood done. You never know what they will find.


Kendra - February 23

I am also in the same boat. I've had two chemicals and one pregnancy that lasted to about 10 weeks. prior to the last cycle we had recurrent loss testing done. Due to caps on my insurance (we have an HRA plan) we could not afford chromosonal testing which tacked an additional $950.00 per each of us as they test male and female. All my tests (about 15) came back negative and well within normal limits. There is a possibility that chromosonal testing would give us more answers but as the solution to that would be donor egg or donor sperm and we could not afford that, we'll never know. I was told by my RE that the yield for these tests is usually very low therefore if insurance didn't cover it he wouldn't suggest it. For my last cycle, which ended in a pregnancy that lasted longer than any previous attempts, I choose to take a daily aspirin on my own, had been taking bee pollen for about 3 months. I don't know if that was a factor or not in this one lasting longer. going forward we can't afford any more ART. I'm planning on looking into thyroid levels as I can't say that I have ever had it tested. I'm also curious about the fact that some of these tests are only positive when you are pregnant...I did not know that. I continue to take baby aspirin, bee pollen, and I've added Benedryl daily and am doing acupuncture. we are natural now so hoping for the best. I would definitely get the recurrent loss testing done if I had to choose all over again because even though answers are low, it can sometimes explain things I also am able to look back and not regret and say what if.


joanne - February 24

There are no apparent physical signs of pregnancy in majority of cases. That makes a chemical pregnancy is very hard to diagnosed. Sometimes in chemical pregnancy, bleeding from a vagina might be experience, which signaled an end of pregnancy.


Van - April 13

Im so sorry te hear that. Don't lose hope Quensley, we know that getting pregnant isn't so easy.


JessLynn - May 16

My husband and I have been trying to have our second child for almost 3 years. We have done 5 rounds of IVF and 3 have been chemical pregnancies. The RE cannot find anything wrong. Our first child is 6 and was conceived naturally. The reason we are doing IVF is male factor. My husband developed a really bad infection down there after our son contracted hand foot and mouth and it spread to him. His sperm count dropped from normal to about 4 million. They tested both of us multiple times. Any advice would be appreciated....



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