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Vaginal Warts
12 Replies
samantha faye - February 16

What's vaginal warts? How serious is this to the person being affected?


visky - February 16

it is in accordance to the set-up of the warts. if it is always be hit every time you move then it is not good. See an ob-gyne.


juliez - February 17

it is painful if it is being touch.


monique - February 18

Women infected with vaginal warts may have difficulties in giving birth since the lesions may decrease the elasticity of the vagina of it can cause obstruction during delivery.


geraldine - February 19

Vaginal warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. Warts are benign tumors of the epidermis.


jinky - February 22

Vaginal warts can grow externally and internally. When the warts are internal, things become more complicated. That's why if you suspects that you might have a vaginal warts, It's very important that you seek a medical advice as soon as possible.


daphne - February 26

Vaginal warts is very serious condition that needs an immediate treatment.


celsee - February 26

it is a warts which grows in the vagina . Every time it would be touch a great pain follows for it.


kelly thomas - March 12

Vaginal warts is a very serious health matters in women that is needed an immediate attention and treatment. Because if this would not immediately treated it will also be the leading causes of many health complications that is quite risky and life threatening.


mocca baby - March 15

It's really embarrassing to know that you have warts on your genital part. Because technically, a warts is a sign of sexually transmitted disease. It's cause by the same virus that cause other wart activity, called the human Papilloma virus.


joanne - March 15

The vaginal warts is not dangerous and poses no serious health consequences. The underlying virus however, can lead to various forms of cervical cancer, as well as cancer of the penis. For this reason, I suggest that the woman having vaginal warts could consult immediately to a doctor and ask for proper treatment of the problem.


JessaKhou - March 24

It is a serious matter if you just underestimate its growth. Wart appear as soft, painless, wart like growths around the vagina.It is a related virus that causes skin warts. It must be treated or it maybe removed by surgery.


Renh - March 24

A vaginal warts is at first an ordinary soft growths. But it should be given attention so that it may not lead to cancer.



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