Co-Enzyme Q10 - The Latest Wonder Pill?

Our bodies naturally produce co-enzyme Q10 - it's found in every cell. Its job is to produce energy within the cell and it works with other enzymes found within the mitochondria (energy producing centers) of our cells. As happens with many things in life, as we age the production of Co Q10 drops - just when we need it the most. Thankfully we can take a supplement that will boost the presence of Co Q10 in our systems. However, this enzyme is found in the foods we eat as well, which can be a better source at times.

Where to Find CoQ10

The best sources of Co Q10 are organ meats such as heart, liver, and kidneys, as well as eggs, beef, pork, lamb and the fish, mackerel. It is also found in spinach, broccoli, peanuts, and wheat germ, although in much smaller quantities. In order for the co-enzyme to be active, the food must be fresh and pesticide free. That means that organic sources are the best. Also, heat can destroy this co-enzyme, so it is best from raw sources. Given that most of us would never eat any of the animal sources of this enzyme in a raw state, supplements are the obvious choice.

It Is Good For So Many Things...

Co Q10 has a lot going for it. It enhances energy production, which means we'll feel more energetic, it is great for the heart, allowing for more blood volume to be pumped and it lowers the viscosity of the blood, so there's less stress on heart function. It has also been found to increase the body's ability to fight viruses through increased production of antibodies. Gum disease can come to a screeching halt as Co Q10 stops the progression of gingivitis and encourages healing of the gums.

...Including Weight Loss

Along with all of these wonderful attributes, Co Q10 has been found to be useful in weight loss and weight management. Since it is an energy producer, it also enhances the metabolism, which gives greater endurance and energy as well as an increased ability to lose body fat. Co Q10 maximizes the burning of foods for fuel which helps to normalize fats in our blood.

The Caveat

There is a caveat in the mix. Co Q10 supplementation is only effective if you are actually deficient in the nutrient. This is particularly important to note when it comes to weight loss. Too often we jump on the bandwagon and go out and spend a lot of money on something that will have little effect. Be sure you are deficient before you supplement. If you are deficient, then you will see and experience incredible benefits - if you are not, then the enzyme will not be utilized.

Remember that supplementation is not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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