Sex and Your Period: Menstruation Taboos

Most cultures view sex during menstruation as a kind of taboo. Because of these inherent social norms, many women feel a certain disgust or embarrassment at the idea of having sex at this time. But there are some couples who don't have any inhibitions about engaging in sexual activities during this time. Some even say they prefer to have sex at this time.

Most people find forbidden things rather exciting. Because of the social taboo, the idea of sex during menstruation may cause extreme arousal since the act represents forbidden fruit, waiting to be eaten.

'Fess Up: Having Sex When Menstruating 

You won't find many couples who will admit to having sex during this time. Those who do 'fess up will insist that they don't see anything wrong with having sex during the woman's period. They will state that there's nothing strange about this activity except that making love is messier than usual during menstruation.

Natural Substance

Another factor that keeps women from having sex during their periods is a belief that is often instilled from young adulthood that menstrual blood is unclean or dirty. But when reality is injected into the situation, it is clear that menstrual blood is just a bodily fluid like any other. There is no reason to characterize this natural substance as something bad or unhygienic.

Doctors have admitted that there is nothing unhealthy about having sex during the time of menstruation. They have even stated that oral sex at this time is not a problem. But they do caution that menstrual blood can transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) like HIV. For this reason, a condom is a good idea, even when the possibility of pregnancy is very low during the menses.

Research shows that 83% of woman who have sex during their periods have a heavier flow while 90% of those who abstain from sex at this time have a lighter blood flow. Some studies suggest that a woman's libido is heightened during menstruation.

Having sex during menstruation appears to have at least one advantage. Cramps and pelvic pain are relieved by sexual activity. A woman's climax seems to help relieve or reduce these symptoms.

Last but not least, it is quite rare for women to become pregnant during a sexual encounter that occurs during menstruation. It's not impossible to become pregnant at this time, but the stage is not set for pregnancy. During the menses, the eggs and the lining of the uterus are shed. It makes sense then that pregnancy would be a very outside possibility at this time: a fluke.

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