Factors of Infertility

Have you had a lot of miscarriages in the past? Do you think you may be infertile? Are you really desperate to have a baby?  Infertility is becoming an increasingly common problem and affects millions of men and women worldwide each year.  You are not alone.  The good news is there are many things today that can be done to help increase the chances for an infertile couple to become pregnant.  Here in our infertility section find out about some of the many cause of infertility and about what you can do to overcome these many obstacles.

Factors Involved In Infertility

Fertility problems or Infertility affects a lot of couples today and many seek medical treatment after years of trying to get pregnant. Some succeed and some fail. So, being infertile does not mean that it is impossible to get pregnant.  It just means that you will have some obstacles to jump before you successfully make it to the baby finish line.

But still, why is it so difficult for some couples to conceive? Well, this is where your age plays a big role. Women are most fertile in their early 20's and after they reach their mid 30's, the chances of getting pregnant begin to dwindle. But this is not to say that women are always the causes of infertility. Men can be infertile too.

Find out about the number one cause of infertility in women, a condition called PCOS and about endometriosis, another common cause of infertility.  Also learn more about how stress can impact your chances for conceiving as well as cigarette smoke, drugs, cell phones and mountain biking.  In addition, get some great tips on how to deal with the emotional impact of infertility.

Increase Your Chances For Pregnancy

If you want to know more about the infertility, read our article about the causes of infertility , costs of fertility treatment and assisted reproductive techniques . Also, read our page and learn about Uterine Prolapse and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome .

For those who do not wish to conceive, read our page about sterilization.

For more information check out our pregnancy videos.

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