Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy can at times become complicated when a women develops health problems such as thyroid conditions, and heart conditions, or other diseases unique to pregnancy, such as placenta previa and listeria infection. But don't be too worried because most of these conditions can be resolved with the help of your doctor and with the right medications.  By keeping yourself informed about the potential risks that may arise, and by staying in continuous contact with your healthcare provider, you can prevent almost any complication from interfering with your pregnancy and the health of your baby.  

Staying Informed-Avoid Pregnancy Complications

Read our Pregnancy Complications articles to find out more about the different conditions that may raise concerns during your pregnancy and complicate your pregnancy. It may be that you're looking for information on how hypertension affects pregnancy or it may be that you're looking for information on what complications lead to premature labor. Whatever kind of information you're looking for, we're sure we can provide some useful facts on the topic and help you make your pregnancy more stress-free.

Complications of Age and Pregnancy

If you're bordering the magical age of 35 and are thinking of getting pregnant, you may want to read about the risks associated with pregnancy during advanced maternal age. If you're worried that you're age during your pregnancy may expose your unborn baby to high risk to conditions like Down syndrome then read our Pregnancy and Advanced Maternal Age article to find out about tests, such as amniocentesis, that are used to screen for fetal abnormalities. However, some of these tests may increase your risk of having a miscarriage so it's important to know more about the different kinds of screening test options available to you, in order to make sure the benefit of the test outweighs any potential cons.

For more information on pregnancy complications check out our pregnancy videos.



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