So, you've had your baby and now you're a parent - the best is yet to come! Everyone has their own thoughts on pregnancy, babies, and the family, but we can all agree that a new baby is a blessing, and once the little one arrives, life is changed forever.


More and more women are reverting back to mother nature's way and choosing to breastfeed there babies.  Find out more about why breastfeeding gives your child the best start and get all of the information you need to choose between the breast and bottle.  Also read up on breastfeeding support and about the health benefits of breastfeeding.  Get answers to some of your unique questions like why your baby eats all the time and about breastfeeding toddlers.  At what age should you stop breastfeeding?  Find out why your baby is a mammal and get information about how breastfeeding can serve as a natural birthcontrol. Also check out our articles on tandem breastfeeding and getting your baby to sleep. Babies often feel secure when at the breast so learn more about this feeding option and decide if it is the right choice for you.

Potty Training

Toilet training can be a difficult experience and one that may wear you out.  Get some great tips on how to properly train your child so that there is less instances of bed-wetting.  Read our suggestions for helping your child through night time training and learn more about how to deal with a child who is potty training when you are outside the home. 

Handling Child Behavior

Children can be both a cost and a joy, and the majority of parents are loving and responsible, however abusive parenting is a major issue that must also be touched upon. It is serious and can't be ignored.

If you are interested to know more about abusive parenting, read our section about child abuse and learn how it damages a child's sense of self worth.  Also get great tips on the correct way of disciplining a child.

If you are a new parent and would like to know more about parenting, read our section about the cost of brining up a baby , how children change your lives , and the transition from a couple to a family .  Also get all of the information you need to know about child safety and find out more about how parenthood can affect your marriage.  Learn to get help when you needed and don't be afraid to turn get the grandparents to help out from time to time. 

In addition, you can find great information on healthy eating and your child and how to choose a daycare that is right for your child.  Also, find out about how to deal the any special needs your child might have and choosing a school.  Also check out the best baby product reviews so you can have only the best for your baby.


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