Pregnancy Week 29

Baby Is Building Strong Muscles And A Bright Brain

Welcome to the Third Trimester of your pregnancy. You are in the home stretch now, and from this point forward both you and your baby will be gaining weight. Baby's lungs and muscles continue to grow and develop and baby's brain is really maturing now. Billions of neurons are forming every day, helping to support normal brain function. You may want to talk with your health care provider about taking extra essential fatty acid supplements to help ensure healthy maturation of your baby's brain. Extra ESAs also help many women deal with the effects of depression that may occur during or after pregnancy.

Baby requires more nutrition than ever as he takes his final growth spurt before birth. He is gaining his own body weight and his muscles are really developing now, so it is important that you do everything you can to ensure you are getting enough sleep and nutrition to support his growth. Since your digestive processes have slowed considerably, due to lack of space in your belly and rising progesterone levels, small, nutrient dense meals eaten frequently are necessary.

Stay Well Hydrated

Drink plenty of water during these last weeks to help ward off constipation. When you are constipated, you can easily develop hemorrhoids. Engaging in light exercise, like walking, and keeping your legs up whenever you are sitting, are ways to avoid the discomfort of edema during these last few weeks. Edema is swelling, particularly in the legs and feet, and it affects many women during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Monitoring Baby's Movements

If you were wondering when you would definitely look and feel pregnant, this would be the time! Your uterus is nearly four inches above your belly button and you have gained weight. Some women gain nearly 25 pounds by this point. You may be experiencing more heartburn as your belly grows more substantial every day. You have been aware of your baby's movements for a long time, but now it is especially important to pay attention to them. Generally, you will notice periods of wakefulness and sleeping. However, if you notice any abnormal movement patterns or a decrease of movement, call your doctor immediately.

Take Some Time For Yourself Before Baby Arrives

It won't be long before baby is born. This is an appropriate time to pamper yourself as much as possible. A manicure and pedicure are great treats. It is also a good time for you and your partner to share as much "alone time" as you can. Once baby is born, time alone will feel like a thing of the past. If you already have young children, hire a sitter and take advantage of the time you have with your mate.


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